Children are entitled to an environment where they can feel safe, respected, loved, and nurtured. We provide the children with a routine and fun schedule to promote their social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual development.


   We strive to ensure parents are respected, supported, and engaged with their child’s day to day activities. Through open communication, we hope to connect with each one of the families to gain a better knowledge of their child and build a trusting relationship between the families and our staff.


   We provide the families with qualified and trained educators who share and support the same vision as the Central Christian Children’s Center.


   Central Christian Children’s Center (CCCC) will provide a program that will enhance the lives of the children and meet the needs of the families of all backgrounds by providing a caring and supportive service. Christian principles will be taught and followed. The children will hear both secular and biblical stories, sing and listen to a variety of secular and Christian songs, and pray before meals.


  Our mission is to provide the children with quality care which fosters the total development of the child. We promote a positive attitude towards learning by providing an environment consisting of:

  • A warm, inclusive, and friendly atmosphere with trained and experienced educators;

  • A safe and clean facility;

  • A child centered, non-stereotyping setting;

  • A variety of age appropriate equipment; and

  • A variety of activities promoting social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual development of the child

  It is also our intention to provide parents with resources to support and enable them to develop positive parenting skills, and better understand their child’s normal growth and development. We aim to be an emotional support system for parents as issues arise with their children.